Atlasjet hosted sales agencies from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Atlasjet organised a gathering with the agencies of North Cyprus on Friday May 20, 2011 at Malpas Hotel Cornaro Beach.

As part of the series of events organised to celebrate its tenth anniversary of foundation, Atlasjet arranged a special evening to host sales agencies it has been cooperating with in the Turkish
Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The event was held at Malpas Hotel Cornaro Beach on Friday May 20, 2011, and around three hundred and fifty guests from all branches of agencies attended.
The evening started off with live music and it continued until late at night accompanied by a DJ.
Director of the Executive Board Murat Ersoy emphasized the importance Atlasjet attaches to the TRNC, and stated that Atlasjet operated six scheduled flights a day from Istanbul, Izmir, and Adana
to North Cyprus. Ersoy also said that Atlasjet had now formed a solid bridge between Turkey and North Cyprus. “As Atlasjet, it is our principle to organize all our flights around strategic planning.
We have launched three reciprocal flights to Northern Cyprus three times a week in order to attract Iranian tourists to Cyprus. We have arranged the timetable so that the passengers can conveniently catch a transit flight after flying from Iran to Istanbul,” said Ersoy. He continued his speech by giving details regarding the commercial and the social work accomplished in the region. The top five
agencies that have made the biggest sales were presented with plates at the event. A big cake was
cut to celebrate Atlasjet’s tenth year anniversary and to mark the special evening. Later in the
evening, lots were drawn, and five staff members from the sales agencies won return tickets on a domestic flight.